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The PJP- 20UR is a Web conference microphone speaker with a built-in high performance echo canceller.

Just connect it to a PC with a cable, and experience smooth, hands-free communication with no cut-outs or echo.

              PJP - 20UR

Web Conference Microphone Speaker

Four keys to smooth conferencing for both listeners and talkers

Includes noise reduction function      

Noise reduction function reduces or eliminates unwanted sounds such as from projectors and air conditioners.  Constant noise is removed from the ambient sound picked up by the microphones.  The listener hears

only clear voices.

High Definition                              

The PJP-20UR’s  wide bandwidth microphone speaker and echo canceller deliver HD clarity from

300 Hz to 20kHz.  Not to mention the latest web conference system,

it is suitable for those who plan to upgrade the conventional type to HD in the future.

Install Anywhere                              

You can place the unit anywhere in the room without concern about echo or cut-out because a built-in adaptive echo canceller automatically adjusts the echo cancelling filter factor according to the surrounding environment.  You can hold your conference at the time of your

choice, anywhere there’s space available.


Eliminates audio cut out and echo   

A high performance adaptive echo canceller ensures no echo or audio cut-out.  Audio will not cut out or drop in volume even when parties on opposite ends are speaking at the same time.  This allows conference participants to speak naturally to each other as if in the same room.

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