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Conference Echo Canceller


An external echo cancelling device that supports a variety of applications and environments for remote conferencing and remote lectures.

No mixer required -with its 2 channel mixing function, you can connect a microphone directly to the PJP-EC200.

Mixers and other PA equipments can be connected to accommodate three or more microphones



Conference Echo Canceller

Adaptive Echo Canceller                          

  1. 100 Hz bandwidth

  1.     Also supports handheld and lapel

       microphones for movement while   


  1.     The 2 channel echo canceller

       enables combinations of

       different microphones  (such as  

       boundary and handheld 

       microphones), or use in large   

       conference halls

Variety of Audio Technologies     

  1. Advanced feedback suppressor

     supports the PA functionality needed

     for two-way remote lectures and   


  1.   Two-way noise canceller delivers

     clear, noise free calls.

  1. Auto gain control maintains consistent

     pickup level regardless of the

     distance between talker and   


Highly Adjustable                                

  1. Settings easily changed on the main

       unit using dip switches.

  1.   GUI provides detailed adjustment of

     noise reduction, feedback suppression,

     and other settings.

  1. Audio analyzer makes installation

     easy by measuring and adjusting

     microphone to-speaker distance

     and feedback suppression.        

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